Computers and code are our existence



a soldier specially trained in the techniques of software and website development.

I don’t claim to be an expert in software development or website development. In fact the above definition of “coderanger” was just made up by myself. I am a software developer and website developer with 4 years experience in website development and web applications programming. In these 4 years I have experienced a good number of Web and PC based languages, building on what I had learned in school. I would say that I am most experienced with PHP development on the web, followed by Java applications programming, ASP Classic, Visual Basic[.Net], C#, and various scripting tools like JavaScript. I don’t stop at software and scripting though. I have a tendency to get myself into all sorts of computer related projects. You might find me tangled up in any number of projects from Networking, Media Servers, Network Allocated Storage, Virtual Servers or any other thing I might find useful or intriguing. I enjoy the opportunities to try something new and learn and look forward to continue my growth.

The main purpose of this website is simply to provide myself and who ever else wishes to take the time to browse the pages information that I have learned or am learning. You might think of it as a sort of project headquarters and documentation store. You can expect to find articles outlining procedures to complete tasks, articles highlighting tools that seem to make a specific job easier, or simply write-ups on current projects I am entertaining. Feel free to comment on anything you find interesting and do not hesitate to correct or offer alternate ways to do things. We are all here to learn. If you just want to say hi and introduce yourself, head on over to my contact form and drop me a line. I would be happy to hear from you.

−David Keymel