Convert Windows XP Professional/Home Disc to OEM

If you frequently deal with computer services where you are cleaning up viruses or re-installing windows due to disk failures or similar tragic events you might already be familiar with this. I for one suspected it could be done, but had never tried or really needed to do it since most OEM systems come with recovery media. Today I ran into a laptop that needed a rebuild that did not have the built in partition or recovery disks. I didn’t have my usual pile of disks either. What I did have was a Windows XP Pro disk for Retail. The laptop had an OEM key on it, so this disk would not work as it was. So, I found a way to convert it to OEM.

To convert the disk to OEM, you simply need to copy the disk into an ISO.  To do that I would recommend simply using PowerISO. Its a very good software that runs on most versions of windows and lets you create and edit ISO images.

Copy the CD to ISO. Its real easy. Click the Copy tool bar button, choose make image. In the window choose ISO, select a file name and choose the drive to make the image from.

To make the edits you will want to do the following:

Open the ISO in PowerISO.
Find i386\Setupp.ini file. Simply drag it to your desktop to extract it from the ISO.

Open the ini file in notepad, typically double click will achieve this.
Edit Pid line as shown above. simply remove the three 0’s and enter “OEM”.
Save the file, and drag it back into the PowerISO window.
Answer Yes, and burn the image to disk and you are all set. The new CD will accept an OEM license Key.

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