How to Install and Use Hamachi on Windows

Connecting a Windows based computer to a Hamachi VPN network is pretty straight forward. Here we will run through how to install and connect to a network.

First thing to do is download the client. Visit the Hamachi LogMeIn site. Login if you are not already, and if you do not have an account create one. It is free to do so.

Click “Free Version”

Choose “Get Started”

You will now follow the steps in this image. Click “Download Now”

If you are using Google Chrome like I am, simply click “Save.”

After the download completes, click the file in the download bar to launch the installation.

Choose “Run”

Choose “Next”

Choose “Next”

Choose “I Agree”

The installer will link to your LogMeIn Account if you are logged into the LogMeIn site when you download the client.

Choose “Next”

Choose “Install”

After the install completes, you can click Finish.

This is your Hamachi client window. Here you can Join existing networks and create new ones. You should have already made a network. If not follow the “How to Configure a Network in LogMeIn

Choose “Join an existing network”

You will need to enter a Network ID and possibly password.

To get your Network ID, go back to the browser where you downloaded the client.

Click “After installation go to My Networks”

Click “Edit” that will be next to the network you had made.

Your Network ID is listed under “ID”. In my case its “057-682-285”

Take the ID number and plug it into the client.

Click “Join”

My network requires approval through the web interface before anyone can join.

Click “Yes”

Verify the request was submitted.

Click “Ok”

Back on the LogMeIn Edit Network page, click “Join Requests”

Choose to Accept the request and click “Save”

Now when you switch back to the Hamachi window, you will see the network and any peers in the network with you.

You should now be connected to your network and able to communicate with online peers. If you have a peer listed, right click them and choose “Ping.” You should see the following screen:

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